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"Orange Balm" Dream

Linda Dion
January 19, 2020

For those of you who have either read the post on the "Coloured Pants Dream" or viewed the video, this dream might have a familiar feel.  They are both very short and both have to do with the colour orange.  Since I had both dreams in the same year, the Lord was definitely developing a theme that I needed to hear.  This dream I had in March of 2016 and the "Coloured Pants Dream" was given to me in December of the same year.

In the dream I was making some sort of balm or salve and I had added some bits of orange to it.  It felt as though this salve might have been a kind of lip balm.  As in my "Coloured Pants" dream, the message was brief and to the point!

Orange Image

This is a very short and simple dream that was intended to communicate a profound spiritual principle.  To break down the dream, we start by finding the focus of the dream.  In this case I am the focus; all the action and the meaning of the dream revolves around me, the dreamer.  Therefore the message is for me; I'm the one making the salve, I'm the one putting in the bits of orange and I'm the one getting the sense that this balm was intended for the lips.  

Next, we define the sub focuses.  These are  elements that will inform the dreamer as to the point of the whole dream.  These elements are the more important factors that make up the theme or the plot of the dream, so they relate directly to the focus.  In this dream, there are two sub focuses and they are the salve and the orange bits.  Without these elements, the dream's meaning would be altered.


Then there are the details that come into play.  Details add information to the sub focuses and help to give flavour and texture to the message, but if one was to take away the details, the plot of the dream would still remain intact. That being said, there are times when some details are more important than others and really do add an extra dimension to the plot.  In this dream, the one detail is an important one.  The balm isn't intended for a wound or a cut or a foot or any other body part but for the lips.  So already we begin to get a sense of what message the Lord is trying to convey.

Since the dream seems positive in nature, we can interpret the symbols in a positive light.  A salve or balm is meant to soothe, to heal (as in the balm of Gilead).  Oranges are a healthy fruit (fruit of the Spirit) and the colour orange points to persistence and perseverance.  Lips were given to us to speak words of truth and to convey a message.

So what was the Lord saying in this dream?  He was saying:  "Linda, make sure that the words of your mouth are rooted in the healing power and truth of the Holy Spirit.  Always speak the truth about yourself and about others, but especially about yourself.  Persevere in this discipline and you will find health and healing for yourself and for others. The fruit of your mouth will be rooted in the Holy Spirit.  Make sure you are always "using" the balm of the Holy Sprit."

Of course, this dream brought to mind some of the wise sayings of Proverbs:

The mouth of the upright is a life-giving fountain. (10:11)

The lips of the upright nourish many peoples. (10:21)

The mouth of the upright utters wisdom (10:31)

The lips of the upright know about kindness. (10:32)

So when the Lord gives us a dream, it's always for our benefit.  It is His loving kindness that impels Him to grant us a message in our sleep, whether it's a calling dream, a warning dream, a condition dream or any other kind of dream that is of benefit not only to our spiritual health, but also our emotional, psychological and physical health. 

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