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Bl. Solanus Casey

O. F. M. Cap.   1870-1957


"...This confidence is the very soul of prayer, and consequently heightens our hopes for supernatural intervention.  Not only this, but in fostering this confidence we greatly eliminate the danger of sadness, want of resignation and impatience.  While these are not necessarily sinful in themselves, nevertheless, they sadly frustrate God's merciful designs. Hence the little verse: "God condescends to use our powers if we don't spoil his plans by ours..."

Thank God Ahead of Time, page 183

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Linda - May 22, 2022 - I find this picture quite beautiful with the mother swan's wings forming a feathery canopy over her little one who is comfortably nestled in.  It's evident that this cygnet is at peace and feels safe.  It's in a state of complete repose, fully confident that its mother is providing everything that it needs to thrive.

God our Father is exactly like that and I long for the time when I will be in that state of greater repose, with great trust and confidence that my heavenly Father is providing, and will continue to provide me with everything that I need.  He hears every one of my prayers and he is always working for my good.  I wish I had the kind of faith and confidence that Bl. Solanus Casey had when I pray, so that I would really believe that there is always some kind of supernatural intervention just around the corner.  If I had that faith, I wouldn't get sad, depressed, anxious or impatient...or at least much less...But I take courage in the fact that even though I still have a long way to go in trusting God with absolute confidence, I'm not where I was when I first came to the Lord.  And that's an encouraging thought! 🙂  

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