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"I Am With You" Dream 

Linda Dion
August, 29, 2021

We have another snake dream for you from José in La Blanca, Texas.  He and his wife Juanita reached out to us after our last dream post "The Snake Dream" hoping that we'd be able to help them decipher a dream the Lord had sent them.  Following our reply, they graciously granted us permission to post their dream on our website which made me very happy because even though it contains some obvious negative elements, it's still a dream that's filled with hope for them and their family.  A little more than a month ago, José had the following dream which he entitled "I Am With You".  It's a wonderful title because it highlights the reality that Our Lady and Our Lord will always be with him and his family to help them overcome all of the enemy's lies and seductions.  This is José's dream:

"In my dream it was dark and dreary (ominous). It was a single room. There was a sofa in the middle of the room. There was no colour, all darkish (black) greyish. The whole scene had no other objects that I can remember.


All of a sudden, like in most dreams, my youngest son Adam appeared sitting in the middle of the sofa. He did have colour, whitish (bright). He has always been light in skin colour. He was as he is now, a 22 year old young adult (features) but in a big infant's body. I don't really recall what he was wearing at all or if he was wearing anything. I do recall he was just sitting there with his big smile and playing like infants or toddlers waving his arms. He has always been hyperactive. I was watching him joyfully and in a split second I sensed danger and fear for us as if something was in the room or coming.

I moved quickly to pick him up with both of my arms and I could not for the life of me move him at all! I tried and tried with all my might, panicking and sensing I had to move him but to no avail. I felt desperate but I kept trying. Suddenly from my left peripheral vision I saw a humongous snake slithering toward us. The size was disproportionate to the scene. It was bigger than the couch! It almost filled the scene. It was a dark colour; black with either brown or grey huge scales. All I could see was its slithering body, no head or tail, but beginning to wrap around my son.


Then just like that, I was able to pick him up effortlessly at what seemed at the last possible millisecond. I remember picking him up and moving him out of the way and at the same time thinking what I was going to do with the huge snake, frightened and determined to fight it. I turned toward its slithering body and just like that it went limp and I saw its huge head. It was completely crushed! I could not describe its head, mouth, eyes, etc. because it was crushed beyond recognition. The head was the only thing that was crushed flat like roadkill. I remember trying to somehow get rid of it or disposing of it, then I did see two huge white fangs still intact. It was dead but I remember thinking it was still dangerous because of the fangs.

Then I woke up and told my wife."

With this particular dream, I decided to simply copy what I sent to José and Juanita as a reply to their email, just to give you an idea of how we can decipher the meaning of all the symbols and then relay the message in a way that reveals the loving heart of God. The Lord was good and faithful and enabled me to help them to some degree, which is such a great blessing to me!  He granted insight into the symbolic meaning of many elements, but I had to admit, as you will read, that I didn't get all the insight.  And that happens!  We won't always get the full meaning of a dream, either other people's dreams or our own, and that's a good thing because it helps to keep us humble.  And then, there's always the possibility that God doesn't want us to get the whole interpretation right away.  He knows best when the time is right for revelation.

Dear José,


Once again, thank you so much for entrusting your dream to me.  I’ve been praying about it and asking the Holy Spirit to grant me the correct interpretation for you.  I believe the Lord sent you this dream to encourage you, so it is in fact an “encouragement dream”, one of the about 20 types of dreams that we may have.  I hope therefore that you and your wife will find solace in this message that heaven has sent you.


Right now, things are very dark in your son's life.  He has repudiated God and organized religion to some extent so that he finds himself in the world’s darkness (ominous and dark setting).  He is comfortable with where he’s at (sofa = a comfy place of rest) and is immature in his ways of living and thinking (infant’s body).  Perhaps life is “all fun” for now and he’s enjoying the freedom of living life “as he wishes”.  But there’s a “whitish” tint to him which can point to the fact that the darkness in his life is not total, so you can be encouraged by that.  The spirit of the living God dwells in him, regardless.  As a father, you still look at him with love and affection because he is your beloved son.  You rejoice in him!


But you know that there is danger.  Of course!  You know the Lord!  You try to move your son to safety but you are unable to do so.  I believe this means that the timing may not be quite right.  What I mean by that is that the Lord has His own time when He brings a soul back to Him in a spirit of conversion and repentance so that could be why your attempts didn’t work out.  Or maybe it symbolizes that you might be trying in your own strength to get him out of that place.


Then you see the danger.  It’s a huge snake, black (evil), brown (humanistic thinking) and grey (sadness, weakness, depression).  It’s the enemy who is there to destroy your son with its huge lies about his identity in God, his call and mission, his future, the existence of God, the truth of the Catholic Church and many more lies.  The devil is actually trying to “squeeze the life out of him”.

But the Lord is asking you to keep entrusting your son to Him.  When all seems lost, when all seems hopeless and your son seems to be on the brink, the Lord will intervene and the snake’s lies will be overcome (crushed head). So often the Lord intervenes at what seems to us the very last moment when we almost despair!  But take heart.  The Lord will in fact do something.


I’m not sure but Our Lady may have a part to play.  Do you have a devotion to Mary or do you pray the Rosary?  That’s what came to mind when I read that the serpent’s head was crushed. It was a sudden defeat and very decisive: that snake was totally dead.


The part about the fangs is interesting.  In the dream, your son didn’t get bit, which is a very good thing!  Fangs are symbolic of poisonous words that “bite” into people, take hold and spread throughout the body.  But as I mentioned, your son didn’t get bitten so perhaps there’s a fear on your part that this could still happen. I’m not sure… Maybe you yourself will eventually receive revelation about them.


I hope this can help you and your wife  keep holding on to your hope that your son will come back to the Lord and come out of the darkness that he finds himself in.  The dream is very clear on that!  Your determination in the dream to face down the enemy and to get your son out of harm’s way seems to be the turning point.  I sense the Lord is saying that you have the authority to bind the devil’s activity in your son's life and that you have the power of prayer at your disposal.  Together, the miracle will happen…somehow.  There is no need to be afraid.  Keep hoping.  Have faith.  The victory will be complete.  Declare it in the power of the Holy Spirit.


One last thing: your last name is “pequeño” which is so interesting!  The snake was huge and your name means “small” as you know.  The Lord has a sense of humour and will often use puns and word plays to instruct us.  In this case, the Lord is telling you that even though you may feel small in Him and small compared to the devil and his lies, you are the one who will be the victor!  He who is mighty will do great things for you!


May the Lord shower down His blessings upon you and your family in great abundance.

Thank you so much for entrusting this dream to us!



The Lord is good and faithful and He grants us the understanding we need so that we may be comforted and have peace.  José and his wife needed some kind of word from the Lord about their son's eternal salvation and He granted them the consolation that they needed through a "night parable".  What I find so neat too is that even though Our Lady doesn't appear at all in the dream, we can definitely sense her presence. 

I heard back from José and Juanita and they confirmed that the interpretation was accurate.  I must admit that it's always good to get feedback, especially a positive one!  But it's also a good opportunity to learn if we don't get it quite right.  They confirmed Our Lady's presence in their lives and shared that they have a strong devotion to her, especially as Our Lady of Guadalupe, so I was happy to have had that question answered.  It did seem to me that she was in the dream, even though she wasn't actually present in the scenes and it's just like her to be delicately present but not necessarily seen..  


I thank you José and Juanita for allowing me the privilege of seeing the Lord's grace at work in your family.  I hope that this dream will be a blessing to many others out there who need a word of encouragement about the salvation of a loved one.

If any of you reading this post receive further revelation into this dream, please write your comments and insights below, so that José and Juanita may be further blessed and encouraged.

Genesis 3:15

I shall put enmity between you and the woman,

and between your offspring and hers;

it will bruise your head

and you will strike its heel.

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