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Linda Dion
December 31, 2023

In waking life, vehicles get you from point A to point B, so in dreams, vehicles are symbols of the means by which God accomplishes His purposes in your life and the tools by which He helps you reach your destiny (destination).  They represent what God uses to "drive you" forward into your destiny and are the "vehicle" through which your job, career, ministry or vocation are fulfilled.

I've had many vehicle dreams where I've found myself in an SUV with a small group of people (symbolizing our Magnificat Board of Directors) or in our own vehicle with Marcel or I driving (symbolizing our personal life).  I've been on top of a moving train (a very exhilarating experience) and on a platform at the front of the engine car, with the train stopped on a highway, surrounded by cars.  I've been on a horse, on a bicycle and on a very beautiful golden motorcycle. I've stood beside a school bus, a police cruiser, an airplane and even a rocket ship!


In one dream years ago, Marcel and I were on a motorcycle out on a country lane.  Marcel was driving and I was sitting behind him when all of a sudden I dropped forward and rested against his back.  I was afraid of destabilizing us but Marcel was confident of being able to bring us to our destination.  In this dream, the Lord was saying that our life together (the motorcycle) was on the right track (the country road which is the road less travelled) and that in my own extreme tiredness in that season of my life, I could count on Marcel being able to "drive our life forward", "steer us in the right direction" and bring us to our destination or "destiny". God was also saying that we had more "power" at our disposal - as compared to a bicycle where there is much human effort.  That was a very reassuring dream!

When attempting to decipher a vehicle dream, the size of the vehicle can often be related to the type of influence that you have over the people who may be in the vehicle with you or the size of the ministry that you are involved in.  For example, there is a difference between an automobile where you have influence over a few passengers and a bus where you have influence over a larger number of passengers.

Whether you own or drive the vehicle can be an important clue.  If you do own the vehicle, then the dream is probably about your own career or ministry but if you don't, then it's about someone else's job or ministry and you are there in a supporting role.

The condition of the vehicle is also an important factor in deciphering your dream.  Was the vehicle functioning?  Was it "run down"?  Did it have a "flat tire" (lacking in the power of the Holy Spirit)? Was it heading in the right direction?  Did you have the keys or were the keys missing?  Was the vehicle stolen or did it simply disappear?  Were you moving uphill, slowly, backwards or were you parked?  Did you crash?  All of these clues are there to help you pinpoint the source of success or challenges in your job or ministry.

And then the colour of the vehicle is often an important detail.  A blue car for example would indicate that in your job or ministry, you are "moving" in the revelation of God whereas a red car would indicate moving in wisdom and power.  However, if the dream tone is negative, then the blue colour could refer to something depressing in your environment and the red colour could indicate a state of anger.  (See "Colours in Dreams")

And then there's the type of vehicle in each category.  For example, you could have a sports car which would represent some kind of "high performance" ministry or job or you could be driving a convertible which would symbolize a ministry that moves in the revelatory gifts because it has an "open heaven".  It could be a vintage car, a futuristic car and even the name of the car could symbolize something. For example, it could be a "Mustang" (a vehicle with lots of "horse power"), a "Challenger" (there are challenges ahead), or an "Explorer" (you are called to explore new territory in your journey with God).

As always in all dreams, the vehicle could have either a positive or a negative connotation.  The context of the dream will usually give us a clue as to which is the proper interpretation.  For most of the vehicles below, you will find the positive interpretation. 

Since it is God Himself who created us with a purpose in mind, He is very interested in the outcome of our job or of our ministry.  That is why He will sometimes give us dreams that grant us insight into the condition of the "vehicles" he has provided for us in waking life. We will then be encouraged in our ministry, job or family life, or we may gain the wisdom we need to tweak things in order to improve our situation.

Please click on "The Turquoise Car Dream" to see the interpretation of an actual vehicle dream.

Genesis 41: 41-43

Pharaoh said to Joseph, 'I hereby make you governor of the whole of Egypt.'  Pharaoh took the ring from his hand and put it on Joseph's.  He dressed him in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain round his neck.  He made him ride in the best chariot he had after his own, and they shouted 'Abrek!' ahead of him.  Thus he became governor of the whole of Egypt.

In this biblical passage, it is very clear that the chariot given to Joseph to ride on symbolized his promotion to a position of power, influence and authority over all of Egypt where the only higher authority was the pharaoh himself.  And it was definitely a status symbol!  After the two calling dreams that he'd had earlier in his teens, (see Genesis 37: 5-11), we now see the fulfillment of what God had called him to years previously.  God had now given him the "vehicle" through which he would fulfill his mission; that of saving the seed of the future people of Israel, a people that exist to this day and from which came our Messiah, Jesus Christ.   


Spiritual destination. Destiny.
Moving in the things of the Spirit. (air)
High powered ministry or church.


Individual or corporate ministry.
Meaning derives from kind of boat or condition of the water.


Ability to put out destructive things.
Rescue ministry.



Ability to ride over difficult terrain or difficult circumstances.
Ability to go off normal paths.


Moving Van
Change of situation.  Relocation.
Literal move.


Dependant on the Spirit (wind).
Fast & powerful when wind blowing.
Ministry with influence over people.


Slower, bumpy activity.  Outdated.
Ride will be long, rough & difficult.
From the past = generational issues.


Tow Truck
Helping those who have been hurt.
Ministry of compassion & help.
Carrying heavy burdens.


Armored Car
Major protection of God for the environment that you're in.


Individual ministry or calling.
Requires perseverance, balance and human effort.


Dependant on the Spirit.
Slower movement than a plane.
High levels of


Great favour or prosperity.
Call to elegance. Luxury.
Pride.  Vanity.


Pick-up Truck
"Pick-up" from the Lord.
Gift of "helps".
"Pick up the pace".



Moves in the ocean which is a symbol of souls.  It therefore represents a ministry with great influence over people.


Undercover activity unseen by others.
People come & go quickly from it. Underground church.


Movements of God.
Denominations or churches.
Large c


Personal ministries or job.
Type & colour of car important


Lots of people are part of the ministry.
Type of bus is important.
People going in the same direction.


Able to get in & out of the Spirit quickly.
Mobile, flexible, maneuverable.
Spiritual warfare ministry.


Individual ministry or calling.
Fast and maneuverable.

Less human effort required.


Police Car
Earthly authority.
Spiritual authority.



Carries you to outer limits of spirituality.
New frontiers into the unknown.
Foreign, alien. 
Enemy spirit.


Must pay a price to get to destination.
If dreamer is person driving, that person is a hired help.


Transport truck
Ministry that "transports" resources over long distances.
"Long haul"

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