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Listen to my words!

if there is a prophet among you,

I reveal myself to him in a vision,

I speak to him in a dream.

Numbers 12:6

Linda- January 18, 2024 - Since we have been baptized into Christ, all of us have a share in His ministry of priest, prophet and king.  This means therefore, that all of us are called to participate, in some way, in the prophetic element of his mission.  And it is clear, from the scripture above, that when God anoints us to move in the prophetic, He will often grant us dreams and visions for ourselves or for His people.  These dreams can reveal His plans, His guidance, His encouragement and a host of other helps in order to bless us with His wisdom, which far surpasses our own. 


In this particular verse, we see God calling together Moses, Aaron and Miriam because the latter two had been grumbling and complaining about Moses their brother.  In fact, they were somewhat jealous of Him, because it was clear he enjoyed a very special relationship with God.  The Lord Himself tells them that with Moses he would speak "face to face, plainly and not in riddles." (Numbers 12: 7-8) and that Moses would even see His form.

As the Lord rebukes Miriam, also a prophetess and Aaron the High Priest, He reveals that dreams and visions are the common way, the usual way, that He speaks to His "prophets" and therefore to them both.  So this scripture passage, although it might seem negative at first, does reinforce the idea that dreams and visions are the usual way that God reveals His purposes to those who wish to move in the prophetic and revelatory gifts and that we are not to despise them by thinking them small and of no account.

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