"The Snake" Dream

Linda Dion

March 7, 2021

This is a dream that was submitted by another dear friend of ours, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Even though Michelle woke up screaming from the dream and felt fear within the dream, it still contains many very positive symbols that should encourage her to believe that God is definitely at work in her life.  

The dream is also good for another reason; it contains a symbol that probably most people have encountered in their own dreams.  We hope you find this 'night parable' helpful in your own spiritual and emotional life.

The dream started with me looking over a beautiful sunny day at the beach.  The sky was a perfect blue, the sand gleaming, and the waves rolling in softly.

I was excited about being at the beach and wanted to walk down to the water.  Instead, I found myself in a large beach house with many, many people.  I recognized some to be my Italian relatives on my father's side.  We were sitting around the house talking and having a good time.

I became aware that I was sitting on a couch with one of my aunts.  I was uncomfortable because I felt something large and lumpy behind my back.  It started to move all around my back.  Then I saw a snake come up from behind my back over my left shoulder.  It was only the top part of the snake.  It was about 12 inches long.  Its head came in front of my face and looked me straight in the eyes.  Quickly I grabbed the snake with my right hand about six inches below its head.  I held the snake away from my face and it did everything in its power to get out of my grip, thrashing around in my hand.

I started yelling for someone to get the snake off my back but no matter how loud I cried out no one did anything.  They just kept on talking and smiling and having a good time, not paying any attention to me.  I looked at the snake and noticed that it had a deep gash all along its body.

I continued to beg them to find my husband John, by saying, "Find John, find John, he can help."

The next thing I remember is my daughter Katie coming into my bedroom to wake me up from the dream.  My husband who was in our kitchen sent her into the room to wake me up because he could hear me screaming.

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