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In the midst of everything being overthrown, God is purging and preparing His people for a new outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon

all the earth.

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God loves to give gifts! Pentecost marked a whole new level of giving gifts so that we would be anointed and equipped to go out into the world to supernaturally impact the lives of others.

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Join us in praying that God would equip us to move in miracles, signs, and wonders, in the prophetic and revelatory gifts, in dreams and visions and so much more!


St. Catherine of Genoa TN
Jesus & Jairus TN
Mat.15_28 TN

St. Catherine of Genoa

Luke 8:50,55

Matthew 15:28

Dreams and Revelations

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Part 5 TN

My Father's Story - Part 5. We conclude our story by recounting Gods gracious and kind deeds on the day of my father's death.

Part 4 TN

My Father's Story - Part 4.  We now share with you God's kindness and graciousness to us in all the events surrounding my father's death.

Part 3 TN

My Father's Story - Part 3.  Two dreams bookend this third part of our journey alongside my father, one given to me and the other to my mother.

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