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Welcome! We're honoured to have this opportunity to serve you. We believe that you've been led here by the Holy Spirit and that the Lord has something personally to impart to you through these resources. For more than four decades, we have pursued a deeper relationship with the Lord and this website as well as our YouTube channels - Magnificat Ministries and Marcel Worship Him - are intended to reflect the fruit of those decades of study, prayer and ministry.  We hope that these resources will encourage and support you in your own pursuit of the Lord.


Our apostolate is founded primarily on the following five areas relevant to spiritual growth:

- The Call to Holiness     

- The Interior Life and Prayer     

- The Holy Spirit and Charisms      

- The Power and Priority of Praise and Worship     

- The Significance of Dreams and How to interpret them Biblically  

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Interior Life & Prayer

TN-Prayer & Lectio.png

Terrific Tips on Prayer & Lectio Divina.  Practical help to assist and guide you in getting established in personal prayer, along with a brilliant insight into Lectio Divina. (New)


The Bible: The Book Above All Books.  It's impossible to overestimate how powerful and life-changing this one book can be. Hundreds of promises wait to be discovered, far beyond anything you can ask or ever imagine!  (New)


Joel 3_ 1-2 TN

Joel 3: 1-2

Psalm 34 TN

Psalm 34:1-3,8

1 Pet. 2_9 TN

1 Peter 2:9


Praise & Worship

TN-PS 104.png

A beautiful Pentecost Psalm of praise and invocation! If ever we needed a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we surely do now! Come Holy Spirit. (New)


This is an uplifting and powerful song of declaration. It is one of the very few songs specifically and eminently suited for the celebration of the solemnity of Pentecost. Come, Holy Spirit! (New)


To highlight the exceptional nature of Easter Sunday, the Gospel reading is prefaced by this very joyful proclamation. This uplifting song is one you can sing and dance along to every day of the Easter Octave, or anytime you need a boost to your spirit.  

Holy Spirit & Charisms


In Over Our Heads! What do you do when you feel you're out of your depth? Well, sometimes you just have to dive in when you're sent to pray with someone in need...a 15 year old boy with a brain tumour.


Yielding to the Gift of Tongues. This teaching presents 5 reasons why everyone should desire this gift, a simple tip to yield to it, and testimonies of this grace at work not only in adults but in a faith-filled 9 year old girl.


Prayer Towing. Enjoy two humorous but powerful accounts of just how practical prayer can be especially in Ottawa, Ontario during the heart of winter!

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