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This interview presents both testimonies and excellent teaching on the charisms of the Holy Spirit that equip us for our mission on earth!

Turquoise Car TN

"Turquoise Car" dream.  Another post that teaches how to interpret a dream from God.

Orange Balm TN

"Orange Balm" dream. This post and video teach how to interpret a simple

 but very profound dream message.


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Wise Men TN
Three Wise Men TN

Bl. Marie-Eugène

Matthew 2:11

Matthew 2:9-10

Magnificat Minutes


Dreams that are given by God play a significant role in salvation history. They can also play an important role in your life.

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Holiness is at the heart of our eternal destiny; deepening our interior life is vital in fulfilling that destiny!

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Here are 3 keys to help you establish and develop a fabulous marriage.

Magnificat Wonders

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A young seminarian recounts this edifying story of the first time he prayed with someone for healing.

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This is an absolutely incredible story; a New Testament miracle occurring in our day!

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I felt that I was in over my head, but God came through when I prayed for a young lad with a brain tumor

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