Welcome to our ministry homepage. We are a husband and wife who have dedicated our lives to helping fellow believers grow in their spiritual lives. The teaching and formation we offer draw on the writings of Catholic saints and mystics, both ancient and more recent, such as Pope John Paul II, Thérèse of Lisieux, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and the Desert Fathers. Our first personal and ministry priority is responding to the call to holiness and deepening our prayer lives.  The varied resources you'll find on our website are on numerous topics relevant to spiritual growth, such as the 'art of prayer', the prayer of praise and worship;  cultivating the disposition of spiritual childhood; progressing through the stages of growth known as the 3 Ways and 7 Mansions; the purification of the 'Dark Nights'; activating and exercising the charisms of the Holy Spirit; as well as learning how to interpret dreams given to you by the Lord. It's a great honour to have this opportunity to serve you. Thank you! We hope you'll subscribe (see below) and come visit often.


Solanus Casey TN
Hermit p.87 TN
Luke 17_6 TN

Bl. Solanus Casey

A Hermit

Luke 17:5-6

Dreams and Revelations

Gideon's Dream TN

Gideon's Dream.  In point of fact, it wasn't Gideon who had a dream but a Midianite soldier.  God gave this pagan soldier a dream in order to reassure Gideon that He was truly with him.  Please read on!

3-A-Nebuchadnezzar's Warning Dream.png

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream.  A very wise and prophetic young man in the Babylonian court helps the king by deciphering a troubling dream. 

Part 5 TN

My Father's Story - Part 5. We conclude our story by recounting Gods gracious and kind deeds on the day of my father's death.

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Magnificat Minutes

Weather Video TN.png

Natural disasters are occurring in greater numbers and with greater intensity! This Biblical principle points to the reason and offers us the solution. Here's something we all need to know about and understand.

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 1.28.02 PM.png

This conversation with Fr. Mark Goring CC. on St Teresa's 7 Mansions is sure to be of interest to you. We cover a lot of ground in one chat!  Enjoy!

Prophetic Dreams.png

These prophetic dreams were given to Linda and me some years ago. They offer us tremendous hope right now, in the midst of such turbulent world events! Please watch and share this with your loved ones.

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