Welcome to our ministry homepage. We are a husband and wife who have dedicated our lives to helping fellow believers grow in their spiritual lives. The teaching and formation we offer draw on the writings of Catholic saints and mystics both ancient and more recent, such as Pope John Paul II, Thérèse of Lisieux, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and the Desert Mothers and Fathers. We firmly believe that through this kind of teaching, people just like you can aspire to great holiness of life which in turn becomes the foundation stone of all apostolic endeavours.  The world needs saints. To that end we have prepared the varied resources you'll find on our website, with more being added regularly. They are on numerous topics relevant to spiritual growth, such as the 'art of prayer', the prayer of praise and worship;  cultivating the disposition of spiritual childhood; progressing through the stages of growth known as the 3 Ways and 7 Mansions; the purification of the 'Dark Nights'; activating and exercising the charisms of the Holy Spirit; as well as learning how to interpret dreams given to you by the Lord. It's a great honour to have this opportunity to serve you. Thank you! We hope you'll subscribe (see below) and come visit often.

Magnificat Minutes

Marcel and Linda Dion

Ontario, Canada



Psalm 46_10 TN

Psalm 46:10

Bl. Alan de La Roche TN

Bl. Alan de la Roche

Psalm 107 TN

Psalm 107:21-22

Dreams and Revelations

Rev. 1 TN

"Revelations 1:9-16.  While on the isle of Patmos, the Lord appeared to John in a vision and helped him understand the symbolism of what he was seeing.

Storm Dream TN

"The Dark Tornado" Dream.  This dream teaches how one single Hail Mary can protect us and completely overcome the enemy's plans of chaos and destruction.

Bunker Dream TN

"Bunker" Dream. This is a dream about a group of people, a cellar, food and a cat!

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This short video explains the launch of SEEK HIS FACE; a new two-part event featuring praise and worship as well as formation and ministry on discipleship and spiritual growth.

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Only those who wish to attend in person are required to register. Click on the image above to do so (only 140 spaces available). Both events will be live-streamed for the benefit of our fellowship beyond the Ottawa boundaries.


It's possible to have a model of holiness that may need adjustment. This quote from Thomas Merton is humorous but makes an important point in that regard. Well worth considering!

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