Welcome to our ministry website. We encourage you to explore our site freely. As you do you’ll see that the teaching and formation we offer draw on the writings of Catholic saints and mystics both ancient and more recent. We firmly believe that through this kind of teaching, the lay faithful can aspire to great holiness of life, which of course is the foundation of all apostolic endeavours.  More than anything, the world needs saints; needs us to become saints! To that end we have prepared the varied resources you'll find here, with more being added regularly. They are on numerous topics, all relevant to spiritual growth. A resource unique to our ministry is teaching - through posts and videos - on how to interpret dreams from a Catholic and biblical perspective.  


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Featured Videos


Novo Millenio Ineunte: God's prophetic pastoral plan for the 3rd millennium, as revealed to arguably one of the greatest saints and popes of all time, offers us much hope for the future! (New)

TN-Prayer temptation.png

Surprisingly, many Christians remain unaware of the most common temptation that keeps them from progressing. This video names the temptation and offers the solution!


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St. Pope John Paul II (New)

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A Monk (New)

Christ the King TN

Revelations 15:3 

Dreams and Revelations

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"Watchmen on the Wall" Dream.  Who are the modern-day watchmen on the wall and what is their mission within the Church? (New)

Pennies from Heaven TN

"Pennies from Heaven" Dream.  This dream teaches us that declaring the truth about God effects a very definite and positive shift in our life circumstances.

The Phone Call TN

"The Phone Call" Dream.  In this dream, the dreamer receives a message from 'someone' through a landline telephone, telling of a coming outpouring of the Spirit. 

Praise and Worship

The Lord is My Light

This is without doubt one of my personal favourite of all the psalms. It makes a bold declaration of faith in the midst of warfare, yet also gives voice to a beautiful expression of the heart's cry for intimacy with the Lord. 

The Lord is Near

Strictly speaking this isn't a responsorial psalm, but these comforting lyrics are drawn from Psalm 145.

Jesus, We Trust in You

At the heart of Divine Mercy Sunday is this declaration: Jesus, I Trust in You! Here is a joyful, uplifting way to make that declaration!

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