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The prayers of Ash Wednesday say, "Repent and believe the good news". Lent can be a time when we can add a practice such as exercising our "believing" muscles.

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Crossing the threshold into the second mansions indicates significant progress in your spiritual life.

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Knowing about these two dangers is of great benefit to those who desire to move on to the inner mansions.


Palm Sunday TN
Fr. d'Elbée p.208 TN
St. Elizabeth p.125 TN

Matthew 21:16

Fr. d'Elbée

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Dreams and Revelations

Storm Dream TN

"The Dark Tornado" Dream.  This dream teaches how 1 single Hail Mary can protect us and completely overcome the enemy's plans of chaos and destruction.

Angelic Protection TN

"Angelic Protection" Dream. The Lord always encourages us in our times of trials and difficulties and He often sends heavenly help.

Tree Dream TN

"The Tree" Dream.  The Lord uses a single image to communicate the truth of Old and New Testament scriptures.

Magnificat Wonders

Prayer Towing TN

Enjoy two humorous but powerful accounts of just how practical prayer can be especially in Ottawa, Ontario during the heart of winter!

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Please join us as we share these two dreams with you; dreams that we believe are prophetic and from God.

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This account of miraculous healing, the first time a seminarian prayed with someone, will greatly build up your faith.

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