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St. John of the Cross

Doctor of the Church 1542-1591

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Spiritual Canticle, Stanza 1, Paragraph 7

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"O you soul, then,

most beautiful of creatures,

who so long to know the place

where your Beloved is,

that you may see Him,

and be united to Him,

you know now

that you are yourself

that very tabernacle

where He dwells,

the secret chamber

of His retreat

where He is hidden.

Rejoice, therefore."

Marcel - June 29, 2022 - I find this is an incredible quote. It speaks of multiple truths that - if we can let them sink deep into our hearts and take root there - would certainly deepen our union with the Lord. Because of the Fall, most, if not all of these truths, may conflict with much of our life experience. O, what healing, peace, and joy must come from having a deep conviction that my soul truly is a "most beautiful creature", a "tabernacle" where the Lord dwells, a "secret chamber" in which He obviously desires to be, since He is there already. How much more eager would I be to go to prayer if I more often pondered this revelation that Jesus awaits me there, and invites me to retreat to the sanctuary of my own soul, as He has done? If Jesus awaits me, surely joy awaits me also!

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