Our Mission

Our mission – under the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit – is to encourage, equip and enable the lay faithful to cultivate more silence, solitude and prayer; to encounter Jesus Christ both personally and experimentally and to seek first…

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A word from our Bishop

The goodness of Providence has ordained that our current ‘landlord’ is also our Bishop!


Thanks to his gracious offer, our move to this diocese was definitively confirmed and made possible. For those unfamiliar with our apostolate, Bishop Crosby has kindly provided this letter of introduction and personal support for Magnificat Ministries.


Bishop Crosby – Concerning Magnificat Ministries

Prophetic Words

God in His manifest goodness has seen fit to grant us a multitude of unmerited graces, including the baptism of the Holy Spirit and certain ‘charisms’ “by which the Holy Spirit makes the faithful ‘fit and ready to undertake various tasks and offices for the renewal and building up of the Church’.” (CCC 798) Over the course of several decades Linda’s spiritual directors have discerned and confirmed that the Lord has indeed imparted to her a prophetic charism.

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Into the Deep!

At the close of the Great Jubilee – and nearing the end of his pontificate – Saint John Paul II proposed a pastoral plan for the ongoing renewal of the Church for the 3rd millennium and issued an emphatic call to the entire Church to “put out into the deep”. His prophetic Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte, explains that the heart of responding to this call entails pursuing holiness through a committed life of prayer, nourished by the Eucharist, purified by confession, sustained by Grace and attentively ‘listening to the Word’; the fruit of which inevitably makes us more effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ not only in words but also with our very lives.

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As you know we don’t have a history of sending out newsletters at regular designated intervals…we wait on the Lord, endeavouring to sense when He’s leading us to do so and when there truly is a bit of news to share with others. As the calendar year draws to a close and a new liturgical begins…


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Download our:    Magnificat Newsletter – Advent – 2013

Download The Magnificat Newsletter – January, 2013

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Our 20 years of service to the lay faithful, through full-time ministry has been made possible by the grace of God and through the generous financial support of thousands of faithful souls like yourselves. We thank you wholeheartedly!


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